NoordRights is a creative and media tech company.

The Vision behind SAGA by NoordRights:
Future ownership of creative rights will be democratized. Meeting ESG demands, AI, GDPR challenges and other hygiene challenges, the copyrights of the creative industries need to be living within a transparent system where the right set of data can be shared. Stakeholders need to access their useful data and make use thereof, regardless of their financial power. In the field of Audiovisual content production, this represents an opportunity for sorting existing contractual and financial issues. NoordRights' contribution is focussed on tool production of the contract side of the AV production field.

We are contributing to a future scenario where creative rights and its corresponding data are being owned and accessed by a broad group of diverse, local and global rights holders, as opposed to being owned by a few gatekeeper companies.

The NoordRights team have decades-long experience in system development and digitization of work-flow systems in the international creative rights field. Now we are building a platform centered around copyright objects and its copyrights.

The owners and users of these rights have full overview and enjoy data access as well as access to the apt market analytics available.

The result? A shared rights administration system for the future independent players in music, gaming and film & tv production.

Our approach? We salute local, private, and innovative initiatives being the driving force for more innovation in the field. With equal opportunities - manifested in creative development, local-based ownership, and the further development of competence for the creative industries.

Our goal is to contribute to a number of the UN Sustainability Goals by leveling the playing field in the creative industries. 'No Poverty', 'Good Health and Well-Being', 'Gender Equality', 'Decent Work and Economic Growth', 'Reduced Inequalities' and 'Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions'

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